I’m not sure I should be so bold as to call these “Frequently” asked questions – Im not that popular. But, I have gotten these questions quite a bit over the years that I’ve had this blog and thought I’d answer them all in one spot for ease of reference:

Is your name actually Kay?

Ok I actually get this question quite a bit. My name is actually Krystal but every female in my family has a name beginning with the letter “K”. Also, one of my best friends calls me ‘Kay’ and it stuck as a nickname over the years. As I’m an attorney and don’t want my blog being found in a google search of my full real name (yet) I go by the nickname. I also never mention my last name on the blog (for the same reason) but don’t really care if people know it. I just don’t want one google search to reveal both my professional work and the blog.

Fun fact: more people actually call me “Krys” than “Kay” but “The Krys Times” didn’t look or sound right.

Why is the blog’s name “The Kay Times”?

This flows from my first answer but the nickname aside there’s a reason why I wanted “The Kay Times”. Although I had always wanted to be an attorney, at one point in my life, for  very brief moment, I also wanted to be a journalist. I’d spend hours reading international newspapers like the New York Times online (I still do – I don’t look at or read local news at all anymore though).

TL;DR my blog’s name is a play on the New York Times.

What Caribbean country are you from? And where the heck is it?

I’m from Trinidad and Tobago, but live in the island of Trinidad. Trinidad and Tobago is a twin island Republic (so two islands but one country) and is located in the West Indies (Caribbean). Its the land of steelpan (created here) and Carnival.  Although it is in the Caribbean, it is a Southern island and therefore very close to Venezuela (the island of Trinidad is actually closer to Venezuela than to Tobago).

We are an oil producing island and so rich in culture that I can’t help but bragging on my country now and again even though maybe 2 people from my country read my blog. Check out my Caribbean Life page for more details on my sweet T&T.

Why did you start the blog?

I started the blog in 2014 when my sister Kerry was ill. She passed away a couple weeks later. I used the blog as an escape for real life since I honestly wasn’t really living at that time. I’ve always loved writing and it was just the outlet I needed.

Where is Danny from?

My husband Danny is from Bucharest Romania. Its a country I am fascinated with and would love to learn more about. Its history is so rich and unique and I could listen to Danny speak about his country for hours! So far I’ve been to Romania a few times now and you can check out those posts here. I wish I could take everyone to Romania. Such an underrated gem.

Where did you meet Danny?

We met in Trinidad (my country) in 2016, we got engaged in 2017 and our wedding was in April 2018! One day I’ll share the story of how we met.

Do you speak Romanian language?

Currently, no, but I am using the app Duolingo to learn and hope to be fluent soon. I can understand the language though, I just have trouble responding.

You travel to Europe a lot are you planning to move to Europe?

Currently we have no plans to move to Europe as we both love living in the Caribbean and my job here is a pretty good one.

That said, it hasn’t been totally ruled out for the future. I will say, while we will likely travel to Romania every year, we aren’t likely to move there. London though – its my favourite city and if I get the opportunity I would totally move there.

Check out more on my About me page.

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